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Fondazione Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia

Research Centre - Coordinator

Fondazione Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia (Italian Institute of Technology, IIT) is a scientific research centre based in Genoa (Italy) and established by the Ministry of Education, University and Research and Ministry of Economy and Finance. Its aim is to promote excellence in both basic and applied research and to facilitate economic development at a national level. Excessive consumption of natural resources, diffuse pollution, the issue of waste disposal and the large anthropic CO2 production have made “sustainability” and “circular economy” the only solutions to guarantee a liveable planet can be handed over to future generations. The IIT Centre for Sustainable Future Technologies, established in late 2015, has embraced the sustainability directives in all their ecological, environmental and societal aspects and made the decision to focus on the development of new and innovative materials, processes and components to ensure the reduction of anthropogenic CO2 footprint and to improve efficiency in the use of renewable feedstocks and fuel within a circular economy perspective. The Systems and Synthetic Biology line develops processes of bio-based transformation of carbon-based gas mixtures of manifold origins to deliver a broad portfolio of added-value chemicals and bring innovation in how we create energy, produce commodities, and envisage industrial processing. IIT coordinates the project and is involved differently in every WP. 

Team role and expertise in the project

IIT serves as the coordinating party. IIT has a long-running cooperation experience with ACEA, HST, KRJ, UNOTT, HYDRO, UVA on the grounds of several previous EU, national or industrial projects. IIT is involved in modelling activities transversal to the project. It is actively engaged in the experimental development of the microbial factory dedicated to the production of acetone as well as in the validation of the integrated ENGICOIN platform at the Acea site. 

Our people

Prof. Fabrizio Pirri
Principal Investigator - Coordinator
Valentina Margaria
Nicolò Vasile

IIT Partners

The Politecnico di Torino was founded in 1857, and it has 30000 students, 700 Ph.D. students and more than 3000 employees. It has established officially a detailed cooperation agreement with the IIT Centre for Sustainable Technologies, named for this CSF@POLITO. The CREST group led by Prof. Fino has different and complementary expertise (chemical and biochemical engineering, industrial chemistry, catalyst science, materials science) and cooperates with several Italian and European companies and Universities. The main research activities of the group are in the field of environmental catalysis: catalytic treatment of Diesel exhaust gases; catalytic filters for flue gas cleaning; catalytic combustion of methane; catalytic membrane reactors; electro-catalytic processes; recovery of valuable chemical from waste waters via electro-membrane processes; short-contact time reactors for syngas production; water photolysis. POLITO makes available to IIT both manpower and the pressurized TRL 4 pressurised fermenter to be employed by IIT during the execution of part of the MF3 bioreactor tests.

Former members

  • Giuditta Traverso
  • Angela Re