Hysytech S.r.l


HST is a Chemical Engineering Company established on 2003, in Torino, Italy. Today it is a pioneer company in the field of process engineering, design and construction of turn-key plants for fuel chemical processing, energy production and environmental treatment. HST provides specialized engineering solutions and services on chemical processing, energy, power generation and environmental treatment. Its main activities refer to chemical engineering, above all chemical plants, industrial catalysis, and energy production/ transformation, with a special focus on hydrogen production from hydrocarbons, fuel cell systems and production/use of renewable energies such as biofuels (bioethanol, biomasses and biodiesel), wind and photovoltaic energy.

Team role and expertise in the project:

In the field of electrochemistry, the company has developed an electrolysis technology based on polymeric membranes for high pressure operation and is developing a special application of a device applicable to liquid electrolyte electrochemical cells (such as alkaline electrolyzer and fuel cells) to increase the conversion efficiency. Another field of own development is the pyrolysis and gasification of industrial wastes.

HST is involved in the development, design, assembling, integration, installing, commissioning and testing of the TRL5 system in the integrated site, mostly encompassed in WP 7. HST will lead the systems assembly through the sub-units integration and manufacture the bioreactors for MF2 and MF3.

Our people

Massimiliano Antonini
Principal Investigator 

Sorani Montenegro

This project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme under Grant Agreement No. 760994.
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