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Biopolis S.L.


Biopolis, S.L. is a leading microbial biotechnology company based in Valencia (Spain) offering Contract Research and Manufacturing. Our core competences are the isolation, selection, design, characterization, validation and production of microorganisms and cellular metabolites with applications in agrifood, feed, pharmaceutical, chemical and environment industries.

Team role and expertise in the project

BIOP directs the development of the bioreactor based on the metabolically engineered R. eutropha for PHA production from CO2 and H2. BIOP is responsible for the optimisation of the metabolic engineering and operating conditions of the engineered strain and for the bioreactor related operating strategies at TRL 3-4. BIOP also participate in WP 7, 8, 9 and 10 and hold a minor role in WP 1 and 2.

Our people

Marta Tortajada
Principal Investigator
Iryna Sukhotska