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Asja is an International group of companies working in the field of renewables, energy efficiency and climate-altering greenhouse gas emission reduction. Asja works on technical and economical analysis of new technologies in renewable energy field: anaerobic digestion of agrifood industry waste and organic fraction of urban solid waste; innovative processes which can lead to hydrogen production; biomethane production via biogas upgrading for grid injection or vehicle fuel use; biomass gasification CHP plants of small size (< 1MWe); CO2 capture and utilization; metabolic production of industrial interesting molecules (PHA, PHB, acetone, biobutanol).

Team role and expertise in the project:

Asja will lead the analysis of the ENGICOIN project in terms of environmental and economic impacts in order to promote the introduction of ENGICOIN solutions into market. The exploitation plan will be developed thanks to the cooperation between the exploitation steering committee and the University of Nottingham. Asja will be in charge of the study of pre-normative and regulatory aspects that will provide the access to regulatory authorities and the possibility to organize round table discussions to provide feedback for the definition of regulatory frameworks across Europe. Asja will perform a transversal role, being partly involved in most WPs

Two key figures have been appointed  within Asja team: the Exploitation Manager and the Environmental manager.

Our people

Guido Maia
Environmental Manager


Vincenzo Pace
Exploitation Manager

Giacomo Mussino

This project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme under Grant Agreement No. 760994.
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