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Asja Ambiente Italia Spa


Asja strategic goal is to be at the forefront of technologies for green energy production, energy efficiency and emission reduction, actively contributing to driving research on circular economy issues. The main initiatives on which our R&D team is engaged are: systems for the monitoring, coordination, optimisation and intelligent management of water, thermal and electrical consumption; innovative thermal energy production systems; biogas upgrading and clean-up technologies for the production of biomethane and CO2 capture; development of biorefineries for the transformation of biomass and the conversion of CO2 into the basic elements for green chemistry (biopolymers and biofuels); analysis and study of supply chains for the valorisation of waste materials. 

Team role and expertise in the project

Asja leads the analysis of the ENGICOIN project in terms of environmental and economic impacts to promote the introduction of ENGICOIN solutions into market. Asja is in charge of the study of pre-normative and regulatory aspects that provide the access to regulatory authorities and the possibility to organize round table discussions to provide feedback for the definition of regulatory frameworks across Europe. Asja performs a transversal role, being partly involved in most WPs.

Our people

Guido Maia
Environmental Manager
Vincenzo Pace
Exploitation Manager
Giacomo Mussino