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ACEA Pinerolese Industriale Spa


ACEA is a multi-utility provider responsible for the waste and waste-water treatment plant. ACEA performs the local engineering for hosting the ENGICOIN integrated units necessary for the TRL 5 tests at their premises. 

Team role and expertise in the project

ACEA manages the overall validation operations at TRL 5 and contributes to vision studies on the potential impact in the industrial context. ACEA performs minor roles in the techno-economic analysis as well as in the dissemination and training activities.

Our people

Davide Mainero
Principal Investigator
Viviana Negro

AECA Partners

Environment Park (Envi) is the Technology Park in Torino that has been working on environmental innovation for over 20 years. IT is a private company with public shareholders consisting of local institutions and utilities. Envi supports public administrations and companies in their sustainability paths.
Paola Zitella
Principal Investigator